Berlin, NJ

Parish Ministries

Lifelong Faith Formation for ADULTS & FAMILIES
Opportunities for adults of ALL ages as well as All parish families to participate in offerings that will inspire and motivate you to learn more about your faith, to share your faith & to deepen your relationship with God. For more information about Bible Study; RCIA (adults wanting to become Catholic).
Contact: SueAnn Jeral at or 856-767-1537, ext 306.
Supports those on their journey who desire to become Catholic through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adult process.
Contact: SueAnn Jeral at or 856-767-1537, ext 306.
Marriage Preparation Team
Offers engaged couples an opportunity to begin building the foundation for their marriage journey through presentations, readings and discussions.
Contact: Titania Redd at 856-767-2563.
Justice & Peace Team
Contact: Sue Ann Jeral at 856-767-1537 or
Consolation Ministry Team
Meets with family of the deceased to assist with planning funeral liturgy; attends funeral mass to assist clergy.
Contact: Loretta Bunoza at 856-767-4580.
Lifelong Faith Formation for CHILDREN
Grades K-8 meet in the traditional classroom model; youth ministry grades 6-8 & grades 9-12; Vacation Bible School Summer Program.
Contact Mary Spicer at or 856-767-1537.
Follow Me
A contemporary prayerful presentation of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus presented by the youth of the parish during Holy Week.
Contact: Rich Mageheimer @ .
Altar-Rosary Society
Prays the rosary together, cares for altar linens, hosts annual fundraiser to purchase new items needed in the church.
Contact: Marie O’Brian at or 856-767-2563.
Blanket Ministry
Crochets baby blankets for baptisms as well as for seniors who are homebound.
Contact: Gail Grabowski at or 856-767-4340.
Visits to the Sick or Homebound
Contact: Sister Anne Pierre at 856-767-2563.
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Offers person-to-person service to those who are needy & suffering through a food bank, clothing and utility assistance, Thrift Store operation, holiday food baskets & toys/gifts for the needy. Volunteers needed for these services.
856-767-7391 Tues., Weds., Thurs. from 11am – 3pm.
Location & Hours
157 West White Horse Pike, Berlin, NJ 08009
Food Pantry: Tues., Wed., Thur. - 11am to 3pm
Thrift Store: Tues., Wed., Thur. - 10am to 3pm; Sat - 10am to 1pm
Donations Accepted: Tues., Wed., Thur. - 10am to 2:30pm; Sat - 10am to 12:30pm
Knights of Columbus
Open to men of faith 18 years of age & older. Fellowship is promoted among members primarily through works of charity involving youth, parish, community, and nation. Parish activities include:
  • Breakfast with the Easter Bunny: Parish family event for a morning of fellowship and fun with the Easter Bunny.
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Event for the children of our parish.
  • Blood Drive
Contact: Rich Cattell at 609-280-6547.
Living Stations of the Cross
On Good Friday, gather with us at Christ the Redeemer Parish in Atco to walk the Stations of the Cross. Cast & crew build Jerusalem and a live tableau depicting the Stations is presented. Volunteers welcome.
Contact: Deacon Bob at 856-767-2563 or
Palm Braiding
Teach others how to braid palms (or learn how to yourself) during the season of Lent.
Contact: Cindy Johnson at or 856-767-0516.
Prayer and Yoga
Early Morning Prayer and Yoga is held on Wednesday mornings at 6:30 am in the Parish Meeting Center (former preschool entrance). Start your day feeling centered, refreshed, and more closely connected to God. The program is free for men and women of all fitness levels. Simply bring a yoga mat and join us!
Contact: Sue Markowitz at or call 856-685-3638.
Health Care Ministry
Our purpose is to reflect the compassionate healing love of Jesus Christ by assisting our community to achieve optimal health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit through health education, prevention programs, screenings, referrals, advocacy and other whole person, health-related services provided by Vitality Healthcare Services provided through the Diocese of Camden.
Contact: Deacon John at .
Reach Out Ministry
A team of Reach Out helpers are in place to write a little care note to those in our parish who need a bright moment in their day. If you are aware of a person who is feeling down, lonely, sick, facing surgery or just needs a happy hello, please contact SueAnn with the name and address of the person(s).
Contact: or call 856-767-2563.

Liturgical Ministries

Art & Environment
Enhances liturgical celebrations through the use of art, plants, flowers and décor throughout the worship space.
Contact: Tony Ziccardi at or 856-435-0901.
Extraordinary Ministers of Eucharist
Distribute Holy Eucharist and when necessary take communion to the sick or homebound. Extraordinary ministers must be fully initiated Catholics, at least 16 years of age, who participate in the sacramental life of the Church. Training is required.
Contact: Karen Talucci at or 856-753-1755.
Readers (Lectors)
Proclaim the Word of God and on occasion the Prayers of the Faithful. Training is required.
Contact: Karen Talucci at or 856-753-1755.
Junior Readers
Parish youth who proclaim the Word of God and on occasion the Prayers of the Faithful. Readers must be in 4th grade or beyond. Training is required.
Contact: Karen Talucci at or 856-753-1755.
Altar Servers
Youth in grades 3-8 who assist the priest during liturgy and on occasion funerals and weddings. Servers must attend Mass regularly. Training is required.
Contact: 856-767-2563
Masters of Ceremony
Assist the priest during liturgy.
Contact: Karen Talucci at or 856-753-1755.
Adult Choir
Lead the assembly in music and song during liturgy. Practices are Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30pm. New members are always welcome to show up for rehearsal on Wednesdays.
Contact: Liz Williams at or 856-304-1167.
Junior Choir
Enhance liturgy through music and song by parish youth. Must be in grades 2-8. Practices are either on Thursday from 5-6pm or on Saturday from 9:30-11am.
Contact: Mary Ziccardi at or 856-435-0901.
Contemporary Choir
Young adults and adults lead the assembly through contemporary music and song. Practices are generally on Wednesday evenings.
Contact: Rich Galassini at .
Streaming Ministry
Prepare and stream the songs, reading and prayers at all Sunday Masses.
Contact: Cindy Johnson at or 856-767-0516.

Parish Ministry Contact Information

Adult Choir Liz Williams @ 856-304 -1167 or
Altar Servers 856-767-2563 (Youth Grades 3-8)
Altar-Rosary Society Maria O'Brien @
Art & Environment Tony Ziccardi @ 856-435-0901 or
Bereavement Ministry Loretta Bunoza @ 856-767-4580 or
Blanket Ministry Gail Grabowski @ 856-767-4340
Blood Drive Tom Galen @
Breakfast with Easter Bunny Joe Iuliano @
Contemporary Choir Rich Galassini @
Extraordinary Ministers of Eucharist Karen Talucci @ 856-753-1755 or
Healthcare Ministry
Junior Choir Mary Ziccardi 856-435-0901 or
Junior Readers Karen Talucci @ 856-753-1755 or
Justice & Peace Team SueAnn Jeral @ 856-767-1537 or
Knights of Columbus Rich Cattell @ 609-280-6547 or
Lifelong Faith Formation ADULTS & FAMILIES SueAnn Jeral @ 856-767-1537 ext. 306
Lifelong Faith Formation CHILDREN Mary Spicer @ 856-767-1537 or
Marriage Preparation Team Sean & Francesca Leehive. Contact parish office at 856-767-2563 or
Masters of Ceremony Karen Talucci @ 856-753-1755 or
Oktoberfest Joe Iuliano @ 609-217-3736 or
Palm Braiding Cindy Johnson @ 856-767-0516
Prayer and Yoga Sue @ or call 856-685-3638
RCIA Team SueAnn Jeral @ or 856-767-1537 ext. 306
Readers (Lectors) Karen Talucci @ 856-753-1755 or
St. Vincent de Paul Society Cathy Rainey @
Visits to the Sick & Homebound Sr. Anne Pierre, IHM @ 856-767-2563
Youth Group Rich Mageheimer @